Reading Roundup: Educational Articles and Quotes

education articles, news, and quotes

Today’s articles and quotes come from edutopia, ECRA Group – Blog, Brookings, Free Technology for Teachers

6 Strategies for Taking High-Quality Notes | edutopia ― According to research, “students who take notes in an interactive fashion are more likely than those who record what they hear verbatim to be engaged in metacognition (thinking and evaluating one’s thought processes and understanding) and self-regulation (managing one’s behaviors for optimal results). And these two processes are more likely to lead to deeper processing. The good news is that teachers can show their students how to take better notes.”

Goal Setting for School Improvement | ECRA Group – Blog ― “a typical school improvement goal may be “increase the percentage of students meeting standards in grade 4 reading by 5%.” While this type of goal is specific and concise, the results will provide little to no information as to the effectiveness of improvement efforts. Why? Because increasing grade 4 reading by 5% is likely an arbitrary goal that is unrelated to school performance and not evidence-based.”

New evidence that students’ beliefs about their brains drive learning | Brookings ― “Experimental research has found that developing a growth mindset can improve academic achievement and that schools can affect students’ mindset.”

A Tip for Unorganized Google Drive Users Like Me | Free Technology for Teachers ― There are some people who use folders with a strict system and order. This blog post is not for them. Then there are those of us who know we should use folders, use them when remember to use them, and then forget what went in the folders during our moments of “getting organized.” If that describes your folder use in Google Drive, you’re like me and you need to use this Google Drive search tip.